We are proud to welcome you to the California Webbing Mills, Inc. website.
As the leading west-coast manufacturer of knitted and woven narrow fabrics and industrial webbing, our clients include a worldwide range of garment, medical, automotive, and packaging and other industries.

Our services include weaving & knitting, dyeing, printing, packaging, and shipping.
Please note that we can accommodate special orders to meet your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries and questions.

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Webbing Products

We are able to meet all your needs in the areas of knitted and woven narrow fabrics as well as industrial webbing. We produce an eclectic variety of woven products and webbing for a diverse range of industries. The quality of our products means that any industry that has a need for knitted and woven fabrics or knitted webbing can benefit from the usage of our products. Just take a look at a few of the uses of our quality products.


Military Applications

Our commercial webbing and nylon products are used for a variety of military purposes. This includes products ranging from military webbing and woven guns slings to trucking tie downs. Products for military use must be of the highest quality in order to ensure problem free operation in harsh environments and situations. Our Military products are made to be resilient and durable so that personnel don't have to waste their time and energy fixing them. Both nylon and polyester webbing, present a number of benefits in terms of longevity and functionality. Since the military field is so dependant on reliability and durability, our Military Webbing is made to the high standards.


A Fashionable Choice

Our woven products can also be used for fashion applications. Woven cotton, nylon tape, fancy elastic, cluny lacy, and trim products are suitable for anything from full garments to lace trim lingerie and nylon lace. In this field where durability and appearance are of the essence, our products measure up to the highest standards. With the choice between nylon tape, fancy elastic, cluny lacy, and trim products, you are sure to find multiple fashion applications for our woven products.


In The World Of Sports

The applications of our webbing products in the world of sports is an important aspect of who we are and what we do. This is because the strength and versatility of our webbing products makes them the perfect tool for many sporting applications, ranging from motorcycle riding, rafting, hiking, and more. Any situation that calls for webbing is the perfect time to utilize our strong woven webbing products. Come to us with all of your knitted and woven elastic and tape needs. If you have any inquiries regarding special orders, shipping, item availability, etc please contact us. We love creating mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients that last. We weave, knit, dye, print, package, and ship for many different industries and our confident in our capacity to provide the right webbing products for you.